Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cloth Diapering Version 2.0

Theola has already spoken of her experience with cloth diapers. She's been at it for a few weeks already, using prefolds and covers.

Me, I intend to cloth diaper when Baby gets here in December, and I'm already collecting a stash. For my first experience with diapers at all, I've decided to go with a more expensive, but hopefully easier route of using pocket diapers, or All-In-Twos (which are the same as All-In-Ones, but with an optional insert). What's more, I'm being very picky about it and getting only One Size diapers, preferrably with snaps rather than Velcro.

The difficulty of all of this is that, well, by setting such restrictions on myself, I'm drastically limiting my options. Even worse, I'm buying all of this before Baby gets here, so it may turn out that the diapers I get don't fit her, or don't work very well for her, or leak, or perhaps she just won't like them. That's the risk I'm taking. Considering all of this, the plan is to collect a variety of types rather than just a bunch of one type. And since I'm still researching what's available, I'm continually finding more that I want to try.

Right now I only have 12 bumGenius 3.0 diapers. And I'm going to have to get at least 4 more, because they just came out with 4 new colors. It's a start.

I've also decided to go with cloth wipes, because 1) if I'm already doing the laundry, I might as well throw in the wipes with the diapers, and 2) disposable wipes are never substantial enough for me to do anything with, so I just know I'll end up making a mess, and no one wants that. So far I've got 12 bumGenius Flannel baby wipes.

Just as a note: I ordered the bumGenius diapers and wipes from Cotton Babies. I placed the order on Monday morning, and they were at my house by Wednesday evening. Front what I've seen, prices on cloth diapers are fairly close everywhere you go, so there's no real deal anywhere (unless you buy used, which I'm not at the time), and Cotton Babies has pretty good package deals, and free shipping on orders over $75. They also sent me a detailed email about how to care for my new cloth diapers, which is good, because they do require special care, and I need all the help I can get. In other words, Cotton Babies gets a thumbs up from me.

Other diapers I want to try out include Rump-a-rooz®, which look fabulous to me mostly because of the double gusset, the option of either snaps or Velcro, and the option to upgrade the inserts to hemp fiber; Blueberry(TM) One Size Deluxe snap diapers, and a few of their Minky counterparts; and BumWear One Size pocket diapers, which have some adorable prints and colors available. There may be others that I try as I find them, and I definitely want to try at least some hemp product at some point.

My plan is to have about 30 diapers and at least as many wipes by December. I figure I'll end up buying a few more after seeing what works best for my baby, and I'll be sure to post reviews as I go.

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