Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Easy-Peasy Curtain/Shade

Long time no see! I've been off remodeling (almost finished now!) and not doing much of anything useful.

I did, however, make a curtain for my guest bathroom. It was just about the easiest curtain ever to be made, and yet look how cute:

How did I accomplish this feat?

Instructions for the Easiest Curtain Ever:
  1. Measure window.
  2. Add a few inches to the top and bottom for pockets, and about an inch to each side for seams. Cut fabric accordingly.
  3. Hem all four edges.
  4. Fold over a couple of inches on the top, plus a wider amount on the bottom, and hem again, creating a pocket for the curtain rods.
  5. Place curtain rods into pockets. (I used dow rods: cut one slightly wider than the width of the curtain for the top, or slightly shorter than the curtain width for the bottom. I also used a larger rod at the bottom to give it more weight.)
  6. Hang curtain.
  7. Cut two lengths of ribbon approximately 3 times the height of the curtain.
  8. Tie ribbons around the curtain vertically, tying however you like (I did simple knots, but bows would be pretty).
Bonus: You can roll up the bottom rod to expose part of the window. Simply tie the ribbon shorter, and voila!

Yes, this is the most crafty thing I've done recently, and it's so simple anyone with a sewing machine (or the patience for hand sewing) can do it. To make it even simpler, you could use some Stitch Witchery or similar product and heat bond it together, eliminating the need for sewing altogether.

(Hey, I'm about to have a baby. I need to keep things simple. But on the other hand, look forward to diaper bag projects and cloth diaper reviews in the coming weeks.)

Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm an official seller!

I just haven't made any sales yet...

Check out some of my wares! Seriously, I would love some input. Do you think I need some different pictures using a more scenic background, or posed with a model (especially in the case of my bags, which are NOT crooked as the pictures may suggest)?

So check it out, all you readers, and tell me what you think. What should I do differently to get people to look more closely?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hello Again!

I have had quite an exhausting two weeks. I had plenty of material to share with you all, but my time was limited. I think Jeff and/or I have had meetings or other obligations at least 5 nights out of each week recently. It's not easy being married to a politician... (that's kind of a joke, he is on the city council and it does take up a fair amount of time, but he's not a politician in any sense of the word.)

I have recently had not one, but two sick children. Jamison was actually sick twice. The ear infection fron two weeks ago just didn't get knocked out with the first round of antibiotics and we had to go back to the doctor on Monday only to find out both ears were infected and he has tonsillitis. Poor baby. I had truly hoped that exclusive breastfeeding would help prevent ear infections but I concede he has the same genetic predisposition towards ear infections/allergies and sinus infections as his brother. Josephine was also sick with a flu-type virus. I knew it was serious, she willingly skipped a birthday party.

I have been trying to complete various craft items for donations. The first was an item made for a benefit for a local family. A local business owner and all-around nice guy had been suffering from a brain tumor for almost a year and the local community really got behind he and his wife to help the family through a tough financial spot. He passed away a few weeks ago, and I made a purse for this weekend's silent auction affair in his honor. I wish I had taken a picture, it turned out awesome; black denim with a flame orange and red front pocket, black motorcycle lining with red swirl interior pockets. It was not my typical "pretty" bag, but it sure was eyecatching! I also completed a bag for my church's annual bazaar. I'n not as thrilled with it, I may have to add some details, like a crocheted flower, to draw the eye away from some less than perfect details.

Jefferson is requesting a new fleece hat. I made him one two years ago, which I have started putting on Jamison. Jefferson looked at it and solemnly stated, "That's my hat". When I agreed and pointed out it no longer fit him he then sadly said, "I don't have a hat now". Looks like I need to make some hats.

Meatballs have been made and frozen. Halloween projects are in the formative thinking stage. My front door wreath has been redone in fall colors. Sweaters and corduroy have been located (yes, I am wearing my corduroy maternity pants, shut up, they are comfortable). I'm officially ready for fall!

What are some of your upcoming projects? Are there any seasonal preparations you do to herald the changing weather?