Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Visions of Sugarplums?

I just managed to learn what my mom is getting me for Christmas and I'm far too excited about it to not share with everyone else because, 1. it's exactly what I asked for and, 2. it's not something I would have splurged on myself until after my Holiday bills were paid. No, it's not a vacation and it's not jewelery, it's laundry detergent.

Here's a quote from the website,
"Hi! I'm CrunchyClean Gal - aka
Ashley! I am a wife and new
mom of a baby girl. I started making our
cleaning products over a year ago
in an effort to cut down on our exposure to
chemicals and be friendlier to
the earth. As my zeal for living a green life has
increased with new
motherhood, I have worked on my recipes and made them
Go check it out!

My mom is getting me both a Regular Detergent and a Diaper Detergent. I should mention that I absolutely adore clean, fresh sheets and clothes; fragranced detergents are a passion of mine, but my husband and two kiddos have sensitive skin and various allergies, so I have had to be very careful in my detergent choices. Add cloth diapers to that, and I sometimes feel limited by my options. I have started filling the fabric softener dispenser with plain water and adding 2 drops of essential oil to "spice up" the unscented detergent that has become my staple.

However, in less than 2 weeks time, I will just add a scoop and walk away. I'm extra appreciative because, by all accounts, the Diaper Detergent rinses so clean I will be able to eliminate the extra rinse cycle and save on my water bill! It simply can't get any more awesome than that! I will certainly keep you posted on the performance once I receive it.

For the record, I know it was alluded to above, but I feel it bears repeating: this is not a paid advertisement. I am receiving no compensation for this post. Although, CrunchyClean Gal, if you read this and feel inspired to send a free bag of detergent as a gift of goodwill, I would certainly welcome it!


Mom said...

I have never been able to resist those puppy dog eyes, even on the phone! When was the last Christmas that you did NOT know what I was giving you? You are so naughty!

Elisha said...

Do you know what scent you're getting?

I've been trying to decide what detergent I want to use for my cloth diapers, and I may have to try the CrunchyClean, since it comes in such delectable scents. The problem is, I'm going to have to order a TON of samples to find out what scent I like best!

Theola Chanel said...

I'm in a festive mood so I requested Holiday scents.

The diaper detergent was ordered in Christmas Cookie and the regular/green detergent was requested in Christmas Fantasy.

I'm already planning my next order for diaper detergent in either Baby Bee or Baby Bee CLEAN.

I'm pretty sure there's no way to go wrong!

Elisha said...

Just so you know, I had to order some of that CrunchyClean diaper detergent. I've been stressing about using the right detergent on my diapers, so I think I'm just going to try this one and stop worrying (hopefully). I ordered a few samples in different scents, which will last me a few washes, then I can make a decision on whether I want to order more and in what scent. I figured I was going to have to order something anyway, since it's hard to even find F&C around here.