Thursday, January 15, 2009

Diapery Goodness

I know I've been a big proponent of prefold diapers, especially due to the cost factor. However, in the past few months I've branched out a bit and I wanted to share some revelations and give you the run-down of more diapers.

All in Ones
I've tried a few All-in-Ones (AIO) and two have emerged as my absolute favorites.
  • Blueberry Stuffable AIO (I think Blueberry discontinued their line, but Swaddlebees are from the same company and, based on my experience, I would say performance is equal). I've actually seen a few less than stellar reviews so I was a little concerned after I found a great deal and bought five, but now I'm wishing I had doubled my order! This is the only diaper that my husband actually put on and said, "Holy crap, Honey, buy more of these! I don't care what you paid for them, we need more." Only once have we had leakage and it was a situation where ANYTHING would have leaked. This has also contained all of my son's pooh-splosions. When stuffed with a hemp insert, this has proven to be a bulletproof night time diaper!
  • The downsides? Microfiber isn't as forgiving as cotton and I have found myself doing extra rinses to make sure any detergent residue is stripped. Also, drying takes a long time. I end up running my dryer for two full timed sessions and sometimes the very inner portion is still a bit damp and I have to put the diaper on an impromptu rack for drying. (I'm going to get a real drying rack soon and eliminate about 7 hours of useage a week on diapers alone!)

  • Dream Eze AIO How could someone NOT love this diaper. The Certified Organic Inner is super absorbent. The fit is so trim I can put Jamison in "regular" pants without sizing up on his already chunky frame. This has become my favorite diaper for out-of-town shopping trips! We've used it for night-time, but it would probably benefit from an added doubler for just a bit more absorbency for that 10 hour stretch (no leaks, only a tiny bit of wicking after 10 hours). Since it's cotton, it's more breathable than microfiber and it also generally has less issues with buildup. Due to the way the soaker is attached, drying time is about the same as with cotton pre-folds! (One full-time dryer session usually has the diaper mostly dry).
  • Downsides? I'm going to have a hard time coming up with negatives for this one. I guess I could mention that (especially with a boy) you may want to take an extra few moments to make sure the attached soaker is comfortably covering what it needs to cover, especially if your little boy like to squirm and try to crawl away during his diaper changes. I have gotten into the habit of laying Jamison on the diaper, pulling the soaker into place, then snapping the diaper and finally, reaching down with a couple of fingers and giving the soaker a little tug to make sure it wasn't dislodged in his escape attempts.

WAHM Goodness

I just splurged a bit and found the ultimate in squishy awesomeness- Peanutbutter & Ellie Baby 's PreFlats (I chose the Grae, so I could use a Snappi since I'm still a little leery of pins). I never imagined such a simple diaper could be so luxurious and so amazing. First of all, the diaper is incredibly stretchy, so even though it may look like it won't fit around a chunk; it will. And even more; it will fit the contours without gapping as your baby wriggles and giggles and contorts like a circus performer. I just received the order yesterday. I took the diapers out of the bag and I immediately got upset; why can I not have underwear so soft? Even my husband declared that his next pair of boxer-briefs needed to be made of bamboo velour! Seriously, the material is even softer than it looks on the screen. I threw the diapers (and included doublers) in the wash. The next sign I was going to love the diapers was the fact that they dried super-fast. Like, if you splurged on a stash of these, you may just save money on your drying time alone (just sayin', in case you needed to justify to a spouse or somethin'). Right out of the drier, I diapered the monkey and he scooted away before I could put a cover on him. Eventually, I did put a cover on, but it was a shame to hide his little bamboo-clad bottom!

I changed him into his night-time diaper and examined the PreFlat. The doubler was moist, but the diaper itself wasn't even damp (after a good 2.5 hours wear). Bamboo really is way more absorbent than cotton! The price may seem a bit high, but I did some comparisons and it ended up being pretty fair once I took into account the price included shipping and a doubler. Find another bamboo (or even hemp) diaper, include a doubler and add shipping and the price is going to be in the same ballpark. Maybe I shouldn't have said anything about this diaper. I may want to keep this information all to myself so I don't have so much competition when she restocks again....

Overall Favorite Website

As far as my good, old, trustworthy cotton prefolds; I know there are many wonderful retailers out there, but I have to mention that my favorite is probably Green Mountain Diapers. The owner compares the sizes so you really know what you need. When I was getting started, I bought my first dozen from another site and they ended up being way too big. Once I found Green Mountain Diapers I was able to locate exactly the size I needed and since I was able to see examples of different sizes on various babies, I knew how to expect the diapers to fit. The level of information is the same with everything carried in the store; you don't feel like you are clicking on some unknown product; you feel like you are in the store with the owner at your side demonstrating everything and helping you find the items that will best suit your needs and meet your expectations. Added bonuses: the service was top-notch and the order fulfillment and shipping were extremely fast. I heartily recommend this site to anyone looking to get started with cloth diapering.

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