Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Ride

I just got a sweet new ride!

At various times in my life, those words would have evoked different images. In college a “sweet ride” would have made me think of my friend Doug and his shiny red Dodge Daytona Turbo Z. It was fast and it looked great with my hair. It was an incredibly cool car for college students in the mid-90s.

Several years later, in the mountains of Colorado, my friend Shannon had a “sweet ride” with her Audi Quattro. She also had a trust fund.

Doug’s mom is now the Lieutenant Governor of a certain state and Shannon still has a trust fund and I’m just grateful to be further up the food chain than the ’78 Ford Fiesta I drove fifteen years ago.

My newest acquisition is a used Chrysler Town & Country. I traded off my All Wheel Drive gas guzzler for a vehicle where my 9 year-old daughter would no longer complain about her brothers’ car seats taking up too much room. I would be free of my three year-old son yelling that his sister was touching him. I would have plenty of cargo space for the stroller for my 3 month-old son, with enough space left over for diapers, wipes, toilet paper, school supplies and bargain clothes. There would be enough room left over for weeks of groceries!

(As it turned out, “weeks of groceries” lasted approximately 5 days. I will be grocery shopping this afternoon. I can show off my vehicle locally.)

I love my minivan, which is good; I’m going to be driving it for a long time. I won’t even mind if they start complaining about the van. I will be able to drown them out with my steering wheel mounted audio controls!

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